Aiden Shaw’s Penis

Karolis Strautniekas


What does it mean to be silenced, to be censored? Or perhaps, more importantly, what does it mean to break free? This beautifully illustrated anthology celebrates high quality fiction and non-fiction short story writing from authors all over the world. Bringing together 12 exciting and emerging international voices, this collection explores the censoring of the past, present, future, the self, the state, and the effects of censorship on everyday life. As a provocation, this book will provide readers with a diverse, relatable and surprising look at censorship and what it means to be silenced – or, perhaps more importantly, what it means to break free.

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   A sex worker on a journey to break free.
   A young woman stuck in a love triangle and meditating on what it means to live with mental illness, in a society that vilifies it.
   A curious boy living in The United Arab Emirates during the 1980’s, shocked by what he finds when chipping away the government-mandated white-out from pages of his magazine. 
   A pregnant woman followed from the scene of a car wreck by an unlikely ally investigates censure of the body by male-dominated structures.
These stories and other tales shine a light on the meaning of censorship in Aiden Shaw’s Penis, an anthology collecting new work from the voices of our future!

In twelve arresting stories spanning genres from memoir to historical fiction and magical realism, new and emerging international authors investigate the subject of censorship through an array of lenses: as subjugation, erasure, or immunity. Whether it be recovering from an attempt to end one’s life or being deprived of life’s liberties, these remarkable perspectives get to the heart of what connects us, and ask the questions: What does it mean to be silenced, to be censored? Or perhaps, more importantly, what does it mean to break free?


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